Company introduction

Team medical has been a loyal and dependable partner for several Saudi based companies, promoting and distributing their products in KSA. Gaining their trust year after year.

Team medical as well-established pharmaceutical, Medical devises and Cosmetic regional distributor, gathering vast of experienced partners with a long experience in marketing and selling of pharmaceutical and medical devises products in KSA.

Team medical provides an integrated solutions for companies who are looking for expanding their business through KSA countries through a detailed systematic methodology, assuring a very efficient business module.


Why is Team Medical is the perfect partner ?

  • very committed company.
  • offering professional integrated local distribution services for our overseas business partners.
  • excellent accessibility to all healthcare sectors.
  • loyalty with no risk for business conflicts.


We provide integrated, premium quality sales, marketing, and logistics services for or overseas business partners.


Is to make team medical dependable partner for pharmaceutical and medical devises companies. Assuring adding of a significant value for our customer in KSA.


  • respect
  • commitment
  • quality
  •  customer focus
  • integrity